I am a Japanese paper doll artist and teacher.

I was born in Yaotsu, Gifu, Japan. Yaotsu is beautiful country side in Gifu prefecture. My mother was a music teacher and my father was an art teacher. I always went to my father’s art room and looked at his paintings and his art books. I was interested in art, but I also liked music.

I was an organ teacher  for many years. I taught until my older son became a junior high school student.

I started making Japanese paper dolls in 1998. I got a license to teach how to make a doll in 2001 and have been teaching since then.

Many people from overseas come to my class.  My dolls are very popular and they are in many countries. I have started an internet shop, Esty shop. I sell e-Books, kits, paper sets and completed dolls.

I had an exhibition in Seki, Mino, Gigu and Tokyo. I went to Dubai for a doll exhibition in 2009.

I would like to go overseas to show this wonderful culture.

Chisako Higashiya